Classic Potato Salad Fake Out

The original version seemed a little bland so we added more salt and dijon mustard until we liked the flavor profile. We added so much dijon mustard that we considered changing the name of this recipe to “Dijon mustard potato salad”. Also, we didn’t have access to chives like the original recipe called for and just substituted them with green onions and I think it turned out great !

This recipe came from PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook.

I wasn’t paid in any form to mention this recipe or the cookbook.

Take care y’all !

Honey Mustard Brussels Sprout Salad with Cranberries and Pecans

It’s still hot and humid here so the only way to remotely feel like it’s fall is through food and drinks.

Brussels sprouts, cranberries and pecans all scream fall to me. It was a little awkward trying to slice the Brussels sprouts but I loved the different textures and the flavor of the dressing. Bonus to this recipe, no heat required to fix this !

If you’d like to make this yourself, click here.

Take care y’all !

Burger King Zesty Sauce

When I fixed those onion rings yesterday, I knew I’d want to have a dipping sauce with them and decided to try this copycat recipe out.

I don’t think the sauce was 100% what I remembered having when I used to go to Burger King but it was pretty close and generally a delicious dipping sauce that paired perfectly with the onion rings.

If you’d like to try making this sauce yourself, click here.

I wasn’t paid in any form to mention Burger King or this recipe.

Take care y’all !

Easy Onion Rings

Happy Fry-Day y’all ! I missed eating fried onion rings so when I saw this recipe was vegan and was being pitched as being easy, I knew I wanted to try it out !

Oh my god, these were AWESOME !!!! The onion was sweet and tender, the batter had an incredible crispy crunch to it and when you bit into the onion ring, the entire onion ring didn’t come sliding out ! I don’t know how much difference it will make if you change these three things, but I went with the 1/2-inch cut, I used Michelob Ultra beer and I used regular flour instead of gluten-free flour

If you’d like the recipe for this, click here.

I was not paid in any form to promote this recipe or Michelob Ultra.

Take care y’all !

Saved by Seitan

Recipe title might sound weird but if you read the intro for this recipe, it makes a lot more sense !

So this is supposed to be a beef substitute (it gets used in a few different ways in the cookbook) and they say it should get sliced thin but honestly I love slicing it on the thicker side and using it cold in a sandwich (tasted great with the vegan chipotle mayo) or just snacking on it as is ! As to whether it’ll remind you of beef… not so much for myself but that doesn’t take away from how good this is. The original version wasn’t spicy so we added in a tablespoon of crushed red pepper flakes to the dry mixture and really enjoyed the spicy kick it gave.

This recipe came from Vegan Comfort Classics by Lauren Toyota.

I wasn’t paid in any form to promote this recipe or the cookbook.

Take care y’all !

Kung Pao Noodles

Pasta sounded so good to me so when I saw this recipe I was like “hell yeah, I wanna make this” !

Oh man I loved eating this ! The sauce was spicy, salty and a little sour/tangy. The peanuts still had some texture to them and I liked getting a bite with the green onion slices in it. I think this would also be really good with some fried tofu sprinkled on top !

Oh yeah by the way, the recipe calls for chile paste ( I used gochujang) and I decided to use 3 tablespoons of it. I also used 50% reduced-sodium tamari sauce instead of soy sauce to keep it from getting unpleasantly salty.

If you’d like to make the recipe yourself, click here.

I wasn’t paid in any way to promote this recipe.

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Easy Chickpea Vindaloo

I’m all for a delicious dinner that’s easy to make !


  • 2 (12.5 oz. each) jars of Maya Kaimal Spicy Vindaloo Indian Simmer Sauce (Hot)
  • 3 (16 oz. each) cans of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • Brown rice, for serving


1.) Add the chickpeas and sauce to a large skillet, setting it over medium-high heat. Once boiling, turn the heat down and let simmer for 15 minutes. Serve over rice.

Sure it could’ve looked prettier with some cilantro on it but this sauce was really tasty ! Mommy would’ve liked it just a little bit more if there’d been a squeeze of lime juice added to it but otherwise thought it was delicious. Even with the rice you could still get the heat from the sauce. This wasn’t one of those sauces that says it’s hot but it’s really not, this was definitely spicy !

I wasn’t paid in any form to mention Maya Kimal’s vindaloo sauce.

Take care y’all !

The Best Vegan Garlic Alfredo Sauce?

I love Alfredo sauce but if I can find a vegan version that tastes just as good then I’ll go for that ! With that thought in mind, when I came across this recipe online, I was willing to give it a shot.

I tried this with or without the lemon zest garnish and honestly I think the zest isn’t necessary ’cause this was freaking delicious even without it ! This really did taste like actual garlic Alfredo sauce, it was creamy, rich and the garlic definitely came through. The sauce would’ve been easier to show had I just poured some on over the noodles like the directions said to but I tossed the noodles around in the sauce so that every bite would have some of the sauce in it. I used a 16 oz. pkg. of linguine and it seemed like there was enough sauce from just one batch to coat all the pasta.

If you’d like to try making this yourself, click here.

I wasn’t paid in any form to promote this recipe.

Take care y’all !

Teriyaki Tempeh

This is such an easy recipe to make !

The tempeh gets marinated for 20 minutes, seared, dipped into a teriyaki sauce that has a little cornstarch mixed in, seared again for 30 seconds and then the teriyaki sauce gets poured in and thickened up a little and it’s ready to be served ! The sauce was just a little salty though so having the sliced green onions was a nice counterbalance to it.

I don’t know where my mom found this recipe at, all I know is that we’ve had it copied down into our vegan favorites collection for a while.

Take care y’all !

Fried Pickled Jalapeños with Sour Cream Ranch

Happy “Fry-day” y’all ! I’ve had fried jalapeño poppers before but never fried pickled jalapeño slices so when I came across this recipe online I figured I’d give it a try.

Oh these were so good ! Being a fried item, you do need to eat them sooner rather than later after they’re cooked if you want to enjoy the crispy batter. The heat of the jalapeño slices still comes through and it tastes great with that dip ! Mommy and me both agreed that the fried slices can stand on their own but that sour cream/ranch/lime zest and juice blend just added a creamy, cool bright contrast to the fried spicy battered jalapeño slices.

If you want to try making this yourself, just click on the link here.

I wasn’t paid in any form to promote this recipe.

Take care y’all !