Vegan Chorizo Tacos

I love tacos and when I saw all the spices they had going into this, I really wanted to try it out !

So I’m not gonna lie, either in my attempt to get browning or because I left the skillet on the stovetop even after turning the heat off, the vegan chorizo was a little dry but still full of flavor. A squeeze of lime juice added enough moisture to the chorizo and even more flavor to the taco. Even with the browning, the chorizo was a little on the soft side so the red onion slices added a nice crunch to the dish. Please do not make the same mistake I did when it comes to the pulsing part of the instructions. I got a little iffy on whether all three ingredients were chopped so I pulsed it just a little bit longer when I should’ve just stopped where I was at. There’s gonna be stirring around that will break up the mixture even more and because of how much I pulsed, some of the chorizo was so small and crumbly, I couldn’t even keep it in the taco, it just kept spilling out ! The cilantro did add a pop of color but I don’t think it added much flavor so for anyone out there who doesn’t like cilantro, you should still try this taco out ! Just a couple of ingredient notes, 1.) I used regular chili powder instead of mild and 2.) between Mexican oregano and oregano, I used Mexican oregano.

If you’d like to try and make this yourself, click here.

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Impossible Tacos

I know the Impossible meat is great as a burger but I wondered how it’d be as a taco.

This was awesome ! Even though the meat wasn’t as firm as actual ground beef, it still absorbed and worked with the flavors of the taco seasoning blend (I use Lawry’s taco seasoning but it is a vegetarian seasoning mix just so you know). The Impossible meat was just as tasty with lettuce, shredded cheese and sour cream in a crunchy taco shell as the beef version was and I’m so happy that it does, ’cause it makes it that much easier to stick with being vegetarian !

I was not paid in any way to mention Lawry’s or Impossible meat.

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Black Bean And Sweet Potato Tacos

Happy Taco Tuesday y’all !

My mom can verify this, I have hated sweet potatoes for a long time thanks to a bad Thanksgiving experience years ago but this recipe has actually made me enjoy sweet potatoes ! The original version of this was lacking a bit in flavor but a teaspoon of smoked paprika and 1/2 teaspoon of cumin really helped turn this into something awesome. The red onion slices weren’t called for but they add a nice contrasting texture and a pop of color.

This recipe came from Fast & Easy Vegan Cookbook by JL Fields.

I wasn’t paid in any form to mention this recipe or the cookbook.

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Veggie Tacos

My parents love this taco, especially with a squeeze of lime juice on top. You can easily turn this into a vegan taco by omitting the queso fresco ! It is a saucy mixture so it was better to prepare these just one taco at a time.

This recipe is in our favorites collection and all I know about the source was that it came from a magazine.

Take care y’all !

Chipotle-Lime Cauliflower Tacos with Tofeta

My family loves these tacos so much, fights have come close to starting over one thinking the other’s taking more than their share !

The cauliflower and sliced red onions really absorb the chipotle-lime marinade, giving the taco some heat and acidity. The red cabbage gives a nice crunch to the dish and while the original recipe called for crumbled queso fresco or feta cheese, we tried out this recipe for tofeta (tofu feta). It’s been a while since having actual feta so I’m not gonna say this is a 100% replica of feta but it does have a nice level of saltiness to it (doesn’t make you feel like you need to drink something afterwards) and the oil/lemon juice marinade for the tofu gives it a little fatty/bright flavor that pairs really nice with the oregano that’s also in the marinade. Based off the reception we’ve had for this dish, I’d suggest on only expecting this to last 1 day !

We’ve had the taco recipe for so long that I don’t know where it came from other than the fact that it came from a magazine (picture from the magazine was stapled to the copied down version) and the tofeta recipe came from “Vegan on the Cheap” by Robin Robertson.

I wasn’t paid in any form to promote either recipe or the sources that they came from.

Take care y’all !