Teriyaki Tempeh

This is such an easy recipe to make !

The tempeh gets marinated for 20 minutes, seared, dipped into a teriyaki sauce that has a little cornstarch mixed in, seared again for 30 seconds and then the teriyaki sauce gets poured in and thickened up a little and it’s ready to be served ! The sauce was just a little salty though so having the sliced green onions was a nice counterbalance to it.

I don’t know where my mom found this recipe at, all I know is that we’ve had it copied down into our vegan favorites collection for a while.

Take care y’all !


Spicy Udon Stir-Fry With Ground & Cabbage

Flipping through Plant-Powered Protein by Nava Atlas, I came across this recipe and the picture that accompanied it looked so good, I wanted to try it out for myself.

This recipe is not something you want to make if you’ve only got 15 minutes to whip something up but it did turn out to be as tasty as I’d hoped it would be. The cabbage and peanuts add a nice crunch in contrast to the softer udon noodles and mushroom-tempeh chorizo mixture. While it was flavorful, I didn’t think it was spicy enough so I used additional sriracha after I was done taking pictures.

I hope y’all like this as much as I did if you ever try making it yourself !

I was not paid in any form to promote this recipe/cookbook.

Take care y’all !