Cheesesteaks With Caramelized Onions

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a meat-based cheesesteak, but when they were done right, they were awesome ! When I saw Impossible Foods had their own take on it, I couldn’t say no.

This being my first time working with Impossible meat, I wasn’t sure what to expect but man does it get an awesome sear on it ! I’m used to having cheesesteaks with slices of meat so it was a little weird to have crumbled burger meat but it wasn’t going to make or break me enjoying it. Using cola to help caramelize the onions was different but in the end it didn’t add as much sweetness as I thought it was going to. What sweetness it did bring was nicely balanced out by the heat of the pickled jalapeno slices. The “cheese whiz” was just a ratio of water to vegan American-cheese slices. In the saucepan the cheese looked way too thin, like I let it continue to cook longer than recommended in hopes of it reducing and getting thinner but eventually I just gave up and used the sauce as it was and it looked good on the finished sandwich. It wasn’t a bad cheese sauce, but my mom and me both agree that it didn’t remind of us of cheese whiz (flavor-wise). Overall, it reminded me of a cheesesteak sandwich (looks-wise and some flavor-wise) but (as weird as this may sound) I think I like it more when I think of it as just a vegan cheesy beef-y onion sandwich rather than a vegan cheesesteak.

I found this recipe in Impossible The Cookbook.

I wasn’t paid in any form to mention Impossible.

Take care y’all !