Skillet Ground “Beef” Stew

My mom and me took the actual beef version of this recipe (which I have no clue where we got this recipe from) and switched out the ground beef with Impossible meat and used a vegan beef cube dissolved in hot water in place of the original beef broth. We thought it turned out pretty enough to show y’all:

Take care y’all !


Cauliflower Tikka Masala

Of course when I plan on making a dish needing cilantro then there’s absolutely no cilantro in any of the stores in my town ! I decided to still make this dish though ’cause I wanted to see how it’d taste without any cilantro.

Well the cilantro definitely would’ve added a splash of color and a fresh component to the finished dish, I think the flavors stand on their own regardless (I loved the smell of the ginger,garlic, garam masala and onions cooking). In case you’re wondering, the cauliflower is supposed to look like that. It gets tossed in a yogurt mixture and then roasted until cooked and charred in some spots before getting mixed into the sauce mixture. If there was one thing to complain about with this recipe, it’d be the size they want for the cauliflower (2-inch pieces). I get that cauliflower shrinks down in size some when it’s cooked but not that much so those 2-inch pieces are still freaking huge to try and fit into your mouth without cutting up before hand so I think I’ll just cut them smaller next time and probably change the cook time.

I wish I knew where we got this recipe from so I could give you a link to it but this has been in my mom’s favorite recipes collection long enough that I don’t know where it came from.

Take care y’all !