Mongolian Mushrooms and Onions

This is supposed to serve 4 but I’d recommend doubling it ’cause it tastes so good you’re not gonna be happy with their serving size !

The recipe gives you some options for what mushroom you can use, as long as it was “meaty” so I went with cremini mushrooms that I cut into thick slices. Anyone who’s cooked mushrooms knows that they shrink in size after getting cooked (almost as bad as spinach) so that’s why I tried cutting them into 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch thick. The recipe says to cook the yellow onion until softened but not necessarily soft so I moved onto the next step while the onion still had some crunch. I also didn’t want the minced garlic to burn so I just added it in near the end of the cook time for the onion. I loved the finished textures of the mushrooms, yellow onion slices and 2-inch green onion segments but the sauce is what really makes you want to eat this and not stop ’til your plate’s empty !

If you want to make this yourself someday, this recipe came from 30-Minute Vegan Dinners by Megan Sadd, you can find it on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and probably some other places as well (between the first two though, Amazon is cheaper).

I was not paid in any form to mention this recipe or the cookbook.

Take care y’all !


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