What do you prefer?

I tried out this recipe I came across on the internet for “fry-day” and it was a disaster ! Onions were black by the end and potatoes looked browned but I think absorbed a lot of the oil, etc. The frustration with not having it turn out good and not having a recipe to share with y’all plus in an unrelated conversation, my mom mentioning quality over quanity sort of led me to wonder, as a reader, would you rather:

A.) Have me share recipes practically everyday that weren’t mine but hey, you get something new to look forward to everyday or…

B.) Only see recipes that I made up myself,even if that meant going who knows how many days without posting something but knew when I finally did that it should be delicious or…

C.) still go with posting only original content but keep you updated daily with the attempts of getting that eventual recipe I’m proud of or…

D.) an option I didn’t cover with A, B, or C.

Let me know !

Take care y’all !


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